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The game of skittles, deeply taken root in all Catalonia (Spain) in the past and today in phase of
recovery, has its origins in the most moved away times and the diverse civilizations.

Regarding Catalonia the documents older than are conserved on this game date from
years 1,376 and 1,402, the first of Torroja ((Tarragona) (Spain)) and in the second of Even ((Barcelona)
(Spain)), which put record in fact of his practices.

With the appearance of the pro-Franco dictatorship, the game underwent a fast decay that in many places
it supposed the almost total disappearance. In the Eighties, taking advantage of the change regime, the game
it finds his site and a general Renaissance took place.

The simple and spectacular game must by objective knock down five of the six skittles of which it consists. In order to do it,
the player sends up to three bitllots from a predetermined distance.
Great and small, men and women, all can practice the Catalan Skittles. A group of friends,
in family, nothing else it is necessary to have a game of skittles and a esplanade, preferredly of earth and already can
to play. It is necessary to combine force and aim to surpass themselves to each distance, to maintain the pulse firm and to know themselves
to concentrate. The Catalan Skittles were a game of street for all. Today turned into a federated sport and
regulated, the Catalan skittles do not lose their traditional and popular scope that causes that they comprise of
our Catalan culture.

You do not doubt it, is necessary to conserve and to promote the Catalan Skittles
It was in November of 1,987 and thanks to the effort of Gaspar Aguayo and other people, that was based
Bitlles Club Cava-Guinardo 87 and recovered of organized form, the Catalan skittles in the regions
of Barcelona.

Until year 1994 this it was the only Barcelonian Club and it participated in the competitions organized in
regions of the South of Tarragona, with the cost and difficulties that this tolerated. The summer of this year
it founded the Club of Bitlles COP of the Carmel and Liga of Barcelona de Bolos was organized first territorial

Shortly after begun the competition a third club, the Club of Bitlles Siuranenc was added d'Horta,
that it participated with an equipment, by the three that presented/displayed the other two clubs. Therefore, with seven equipment
it disputed the First Championship of League of Catalan Skittles in Barcelona. Peculiarly, the three Clubs were
of the Barcelonian district of Horta-Guinardo.

After three years and three leagues it seems that the efforts of the Clubs of Barcelona are giving his
fruits i for fourth Territorial Liga of Barcelona will be a Club of Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, another one of Viladecans i a third club in Horta (Barcelona) i seems that the Catalan skittles return with force in Martorell.

It is necessary to trust that this increase of medical instructors will make increase the interest of institutions i of
patrocinadores so that some going, in a moment if it can be, is well normal to see people practicing
juego/deporte of the Catalan Skittles in the regions of Barcelona, as it is it already in Lleida and Tarragona.

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